Frequently asked questions
Shipping cycle
3~7 days for my delivery
ls it a Japanese brand
Yes ,We are a Japanese brand, the company is in Tokyo, Japan
How to become the sole agent of MASUMA
In some areas we do not have agents temporarily, looking forward to you. You can send your inquiry to us and tell us directly.
Existing agentsExisting agency areas
China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, Moldova, Greece, Cambodia, Suriname, Iraq, Peru, Congo, Angola, South Korea, Sri Lanka
product inventory
We have product inventory of 20000+ different models, 90% of which are Japanese cars, ready to meet your sales needs.
Will the uploaded data pose any security risks?
No, we will encrypt and protect the uploaded data to prevent data leakage, prohibit all external access to the data, and commission a third-party professional organization to conduct 1-2 security vulnerability diagnoses annually
Can quotations be made even on non working days?
Sure. 365 days × We provide 24-hour automatic quotation service for you. During system upgrade and maintenance, it may temporarily render it unusable. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Is the quotation free of charge?
The quotation is free of charge. Welcome to enjoy our quotation service anytime.
Which browsers can use mevia
Recommended usage: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (both support the latest versions). Due to Microsoft discontinuing support for Internet Explorer from June 16, 2022, we do not recommend its use.