About Masuma

Masuma® the one of the largest car parts manufacturer and supplier. One of main brand specializations is: car spare parts for post-warranty and after-market maintenance for Japanese cars.

Today, the Masuma® assortment covers over 45 spare parts groups (suspension, engine parts, ignition and car electricity etc.) and more than 10,000 product positions.

Masuma® mission is — bring Japan car owners a reliable spare parts, for post-warranty and after-market maintenance, at prices that more affordable, than genuine ones.

Masuma® key features and advantages:

1. High quality car parts

2. Long-life reliable products with increased service interval at middle cost segment.

3. Excellent after-sales service with a local warranty of up to 1 year.

After 17 years since Masuma® foundation at 2001 in Japan, Masuma Auto Spare Parts Japan advance from a small OEM\ODM contract manufacturer to large manufacturing company with own factories and over $ 170 million annual turnover.

Today Masuma® is independent car spare parts manufacturer and production technology developer. Masuma® engineering dept. adapts parts to local markets.

All production processes are based on own engineering and knowledge base and proceed by own full-cycle factories.

Masuma® factories are located at the south of China. The key product groups is: chassis parts and brake pads.

Both own and contractual factories produce car spare parts for Masuma® company brand. These are the best of more than 5000 factories, operating in Asia, producing genuine car spare parts for Japanese, Chinese and Korean markets. All the factories are accredited and certificated to ISO-9000 quality system, equipped with Japanese production equipment.

Today Masuma® aimed on China, Malaysia and Russia spare parts markets. The brand actively promote sales in Eastern Europe, India and in Arab countries.

Within Masuma® China, Indonesia, and other countries sales growth — at 2016 head office of parent company from completely moved from Japan to China.

We are open for cooperation and we are interested in partnership with distributors and major regional retailers. We will be glad to see you as our partner.